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• Connect the 15 pin DC signal cable to the rear of the CD turntable and secure it with the

two locking thumbs screws.

• Connect the other end to the power supply and secure it as above.

• Plug the AC power cord to the IEC socket at the power supply end, and the other end to

the line voltage wall socket.

• Turn the power supply “ON”, indicated by the line ( — ) on the rocker switch above the

IEC socket, the red “L.E.D.” at the front of the power supply will now light up. The “OFF”
position is indicated by ( 0 ) on the rocker switch.

Important Warning!

CLASS 1 Laser Product

. It is essential that the protective top

cover be installed and remains in place until the “No Disc”
message appears in the CD display. This also applies should the
unit be switched off during a listening session, NEVER remove
this cover until the “No Disc” or the disc information message
appears or re-appears after a new switch-on.

Oracle Audio Technologies

CD 2500 MK II player / CD 2000 transport Owner’s manual


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