Oracle Audio Technologies CD 2000 User Manual

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completely. PRESS PAUSE again and play resumes from the
exact point it was originally suspended.

Stop (STOP)

This function stops the CD turntable from spinning and the laser
from reading the digital information on the disc. It also cancels all
programmed functions and enables the current disc to be
removed. The CD turntable is now ready to accept another disc,
or to be switched off at the end of the current listening session.

Play (PLAY) The


function is used to start a new listening programme.

When a CD is placed on the turntable the PLAY function will not
operate until one of the two following function is activated:

a) The


button on the CD Player/Drive has been


b) The STBY button on the remote control handset is

pressed twice.

This starts the turntable spinning and the disc information is read
by the laser. The disc information will then appear on the main
display screen. Once the disc information is displayed, it is
possible to play the CD by pressing PLAY button on the remote
control handset.

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CD 2500 MK II player / CD 2000 transport Owner’s manual


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