Oracle Audio Technologies CD 2000 User Manual

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The performance of the Oracle CD turntable is significantly improved by using the aluminium top
cover whenever the player is in use. It provides a darker environment for the laser diode to more
accurately pick up signals from the spinning compact disc.

To Play a Compact Disc

• Press the “Disc Reset” function selector to initialize the selected disc. This operation

must be repeated every time a different compact disc is used


• Select the track to be played by pressing the “Up” and “Down” function track selector.

• Press

Play” and adjust the volume control on your pre-amplifier, sit back, and ENJOY


To Play a Different Compact Disc

• Press the “Stop” function selector and repeat the “To Play a Compact Disc” procedure.

• Remove the aluminium top cover and put it to one side.


Press the “Disc Reset” function selector every time a new compact disc is placed

on the CD turntable, so it can be properly initialized.

Oracle Audio Technologies

CD 2500 MK II player / CD 2000 transport Owner’s manual


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