Oracle Audio Technologies CD 2000 User Manual

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The reference to clockwise or counter-clockwise is determined by viewing the

spring module from above. To proceed with minor changes to the suspension fine
tuning, please read the following information.

Make the Suspension Housing Sit Lower

If the suspension housing is sitting to high as on this picture.

• With one hand apply a light down pressure to the main chassis while holding the

suspension housing.

• Rotate the spring counter-clockwise by very small increments until the suspension

housing lightly rests against the step on the gauge.

Make the Suspension Housing Sit Lower

If the suspension housing is sitting to low as on this picture.

• Gently raise the suspension housing with one hand.

• Using needle pliers, insert the tip of the pliers near the end of the spring and hold it firmly.

• While holding the spring to prevent it from turning, rotate by very small increments the

suspension housing, counter-clockwise. This will move the spring further out of the spring
calibration sleeve thus making the suspension housing sit higher.


Do not allow the pliers to contact the aluminium parts since this could damage

the clear lacquer finish.


In the unlikely event that your Oracle suspension system may need to be

completely re calibrated please refer to the caution on the preceding page.

• When all suspension towers are fine tuned, install the suspension covers.

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