Oracle Audio Technologies CD 2000 User Manual

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• Remove the wooden top cover using your Phillips screwdriver.

• Grasp the plastic protective bag at each end using the handles and lift the whole Oracle

player unit out of the box.

• Open the plastic bag at one end only and remove the foam protective end cap.

• Hold the plinth and slide the CD turntable assembly out of the bag.

• Remove the “C” shape, hold down spacer block.

• Remove the inner protective bag.


Place the inner bag, the 2 protective end caps and the “C” shape hold down

spacer blocks back in the wooden box thus making sure they do not get lost. Put
the wooden top cover back up.


When repackaging, it is important to use this inner protective bag to prevent

surface damage to the clear lacquer finish.

Oracle Audio Technologies

CD 2500 MK II player / CD 2000 transport Owner’s manual


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