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Do not attempt to lift the main chassis from the suspension towers as this could

damage the connecting cable between the display module and the main chassis.
If the main chassis needs to be removed, a special technical document is
available from Oracle Audio Technologies or your local area distributor. This
work should always be carried out by an experienced and competent technician.

• Place your Oracle CD player on a flat surface to complete the set up procedure.

Suspension fin Tuning

The suspension of your Oracle CD turntable has been calibrated at the factory but it possibly
might require minor fine-tuning before putting the player into service. To help with this we have
supplied a suspension calibration tool to assist with accurate measurement and calibration of
each suspension tower.


Before beginning this step, very carefully seat the aluminium top cover above the

compact disc in its specially machined recess and position, so that the two finger
slots match the one on the player main chassis. The slightly curved section of the
finger slots should be facing the front of the unit. This will give a more accurate
operational mass of the main chassis.

This picture indicates the target setting of the suspension system.

The tool supplied will help you determine if a suspension fine tuning is required. If no or only
minor changes need to be performed, you might select to leave the system as it is. At this point,
the suspension top covers can be installed and the player moved to its final playing location. To
complete the final leveling of the plinth, it will be necessary to use a spirit level. The leveling will
be achieved by adjusting the height of the threaded feet under the plinth.

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