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10 BC Owner’s Manual

XS Scuba, Inc

Preparation & Setup

XS Scuba recommends that you bring your BC, together with your regulator, to
your Authorized XS Scuba Dealer for the installation of the low pressure (LP)
quick disconnect inflator hose that is provided with your BC. If it is not possible
to return with your regulator to your Authorized Dealer, you may install the LP
inflator hose by carefully performing all the steps in the following procedure.

LP Inflator Hose Installation

WARNING: DO NOT attach the low pressure inflator hose to a high
pressure (HP) port (greater than 200 psi / 13.6 bar). This may cause
the hose to burst when pressurized, which can result in serious injury.

The LP hose has a 3/8” (9.5mm) male fitting that will only fit the standard
LP ports found on most first stages, and is smaller than the standard 7/16”
(11mm) HP port. Some older regulators have HP and LP ports that are the
same size (3/8”-9.5mm). All XS Scuba regulators, and most provided by other
manufacturers, have a high-pressure port that is clearly marked “HP,” with a
small restrictive orifice that is visible when the plug is removed.
If your regulator has all 3/8” ports and you cannot decide if a port is LP or
HP, bring it with the hose to your dealer for installation.

If you can identify your regulator’s LP ports, follow this procedure:

1. To select the best LP port, mount the first stage on a cylinder valve to
determine the correct orientation and hose routing.
2. Remove the port plug from a low-pressure port on the regulator using
the appropriate size wrench or key.
3. Your BC was shipped with the LP hose connected to the power inflator.
Remove the inflator hose from the power inflator body by sliding the
grooved sleeve back while pulling the fitting off the QD nipple.
4. Check the male end of the LP hose to ensure the O-ring is present and
in good condition, and screw the threaded end of the hose into the
port. Tighten the hose to 50-60 inch pounds (7 kg/cm) with a 9/16”

Cylinder Mounting

Threading the Cylinder Band & Buckle

NOTE: All XS Scuba BC’s are shipped with the nylon band pre-threaded
through the buckle. If rethreading is necessary, follow these steps: