Releasable trim weights, X-lock™ integrated weight system, Bc owner’s manual 9 – XS Scuba Buoyancy Compensator User Manual

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BC Owner’s Manual 9


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Releasable Trim Weights
If your BC is equipped with this feature, you will find
two releasable weight compartments located on the
backside of either the air cell or the harness – on
opposite sides. These are each designed to hold up to
5 pounds (10 pounds total) of weight to supplement
and counter-balance the weight that you wear on your
weight belt or X-Lock™ Integrated Weight System.
The weight in these pockets can be “dumped” by
grasping the strap on the bottom of the pocket and
pulling downward firmly.

X-Lock™ Integrated Weight System
Some XS Scuba models are also equipped with two
X-Lock™ weight pockets, located inside the front
lower portions of the BC. These pockets can be easily
identified by their plastic pull handles that face toward
the center of the waistband. The X-Lock™ pockets
are designed to each hold a maximum weight of 10
lbs., for a combined total of 20 lbs.

Experiment with different sizes of weight until you arrive at the configuration
that best suits your personal preference and provides maximum comfort.