Bc owner’s manual 13 – XS Scuba Buoyancy Compensator User Manual

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BC Owner’s Manual 13


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same amount of weight in order to provide optimum balance in the water. You
may otherwise experience a tendency to roll to one side if one pocket is more
heavily loaded than the other.

X-Lock™ Integrated Weight System Pocket Installation

WARNING: Before every dive, it is important to inspect the condition
of all connections between the X-Lock™ Integrated Weight System
pockets and the BC to ensure that they are clean and free of any
wear or damage that may impair their function. Carefully follow the
instructions provided below to install the pockets correctly and ensure
that all connections are securely sealed. Accidental release of the
weight pockets may otherwise result in an uncontrolled ascent, which
could lead to serious injury or death due to embolism or decompression

The weight pockets should be installed while the BC is fully deflated, either
before or after it has been donned. It is easier, however, to install them before
donning the BC. If the weight pockets are filled to their maximum capacity
and installed into the BC, XS Scuba strongly recommends that you seek the
assistance of a buddy before attempting to don the BC. You may otherwise risk
injury, due to muscle strain or a temporary loss of balance.

NOTE: If the amount of weight being used does not fill the pocket to
capacity, turn the pocket over to slide the weight as far forward inside
the pocket as possible, toward the closure flap. After the X-Lock™
pocket has been correctly installed, a Velcro


connection inside the

BC compartment will hold the end of the pocket closed to prevent the
weight from shifting.