Limited two-year warranty, What is covered, What is not covered – XS Scuba Buoyancy Compensator User Manual

Page 22: What you need to do, Disclaimers/exclusions, 22 bc owner’s manual

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22 BC Owner’s Manual

XS Scuba, Inc

Limited Two-Year Warranty

XS Scuba, Inc. warrants to the original owner, this product to be free of
defects in materials and/or workmanship for a period of two years from date of
original purchase. Warranty applies only under normal sport and skin diving
use and with proper care and maintenance. This warranty is non-transferable
and limited to repair or replacement at the discretion of XS Scuba. BC must be
returned with proof of purchase.

What Is Covered

All non-wearing valve parts and the welded seams of the BC air cell are
covered under this warranty. Should any part of your XS Scuba BC be found
defective, XS Scuba, at its discretion, will repair or replace the component at
no charge to you.

What Is Not Covered

1. This warranty does not extend to abrasion, punctures, or tears of the air
cell, or seam separation caused by chemical attack; including, but not
limited to prolonged exposure to chlorine or other pool chemicals.
2. This warranty does not extend to damages caused by improper use,
improper maintenance, neglect, unauthorized repairs, modifications,
accidents, fire, or casualty.
3. Cosmetic damage, such as scratches, fraying, and nicks are not covered by
this warranty.
4. This warranty does not extend to equipment used for rental, commercial,
or military purposes.

What You Need To Do

1. Keep a copy of the original purchase receipt and subsequent inspections
with this manual.
2. Your XS Scuba BC should be inspected and serviced by an authorized
XS Scuba repair facility at least once a year.
3. Provide proof of original purchase and annual servicing by an Authorized
XS Scuba Dealer in the form of receipts/invoices.

Disclaimers / Exclusions

This warranty is nontransferable from the original owner. No salesperson, dealer
or representative is authorized to make any modification to this warranty.
It is dangerous for untrained and uncertified persons to use the equipment
covered by this warranty. Therefore, use of this equipment by an untrained
person renders any and all warranties null and void. Use of SCUBA equipment
by anyone who is not a trained and certified diver, or receiving training under