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6 BC Owner’s Manual

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Standard Features

WARNING: A Buoyancy Compensator (BC) is NOT a life jacket! It is
not designed to provide face-up flotation in all situations, and it does
not meet U.S. Coast Guard regulations for a life preserver or personal
flotation device (PFD). If you become unconscious in the water without
a buddy present to immediately assist, you may suffer serious injury or
death from drowning.

Overview of Standard Features & Adjustments

Please take the time to acquaint yourself with your BC’s features, including
standard inflation/deflation valves and adjustments that can be found on every
model of an XS Scuba BC. Specific instructions for using these features will be
provided throughout this manual. Additional options and special features will
be explained in the section titled Optional Accessories & Special Features.


Integrated Inflator System – With this system, you have two methods to inflate
the BC, two methods to deflate the BC, and automatic venting of excess
pressure. Be sure to read and understand these instructions describing how
this system operates before attempting to dive with your XS Scuba BC.

Power Inflator – This assembly is actually made up of
two different valves. The oral inflation valve can be
used to manually inflate or deflate your BC. The power
inflation valve is connected directly to your regulator’s
first stage, and can be used to inflate your BC with the
push of a button.

Overpressure Relief Valve (OPV) / Rapid Exhaust Valve

(REV) – The integrated Overpressure Relief Valve (OPV)
vents excess pressure from the BC during ascent or if
over-pressurized from the power inflator. This component
of the Integrated Inflator System operates automatically
so no instructions for its manual use are necessary.
The Rapid Exhaust Valve (REV), located within
the upper shoulder unit of the integrated inflator, is
connected to the lower Power Inflator by a cable located
inside the corrugated hose. This valve can be opened to