Donning the bc, 14 bc owner’s manual – XS Scuba Buoyancy Compensator User Manual

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14 BC Owner’s Manual

XS Scuba, Inc

To install either pocket, slide the closed end into the opening of the
compartment, with the band of loop Velcro


facing up. Guide it firmly inward

until the Velcro


connection has fully engaged near the end of the compartment.

Then, fold the pocket’s retaining flap over the Velcro


connection on the outside

of the BC, and firmly run your hand over the flap. Finally, secure the release

For information about using the X-Lock™ Integrated Weight System and
ditching weight, refer to the section titled, Diving with Your XS Scuba BC.

Donning the BC

CAUTION: To avoid possible injury and/or damage to your equipment,
XS Scuba recommends that you should always don your BC with
assistance from a buddy.

1. Ensure that the side-squeeze buckles of both shoulder straps are securely
fastened. Fully extend each strap to its maximum length by pulling up on
the tab of the lower slide buckle, and then pulling the webbing down until
the D-ring slides up near the buckle.
2. While your dive buddy holds the cylinder supported behind you, reach back
to place your arms through the shoulder straps.
3. While your buddy continues to hold the cylinder, fasten the cummerbund
snug around your waist (not hips). The best positioning is between your
hips and your rib cage. The weight of the cylinder should rest on the
lumbar region (lower part) of your back.
4. After your buddy has released the cylinder and the BC feels comfortably
supported on your hips and shoulders, bend forward at the waist and adjust
the shoulder straps to a comfortable length by pulling straight down on the