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18 BC Owner’s Manual

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Power Inflation
To connect the LP hose, grip the grooved sleeve at the connection fitting
between your thumb and forefinger, and slide the sleeve back. Place the fitting
over the inflator valve QD nipple, and firmly push inward while releasing the
sleeve. Check to ensure that the hose is securely attached.
To inflate your BC, depress the power inflator button. DO NOT hold the
inflator button depressed continuously underwater, as this could cause you to
become excessively buoyant. Instead, depress the button in short bursts until
you become neutrally buoyant.

WARNING: Do not rely on the power inflator as the only means for
inflating your BC. It is important to maintain proficiency in the skill
of orally inflating your BC. You may otherwise be unable to achieve
positive buoyancy in an emergency situation, which could lead to
serious injury or death.

Venting & Dumping Air

Throughout the course of a dive, it will be necessary to vent or dump air from
the BC using one of the three methods described in the following instructions.
Each method uses a valve that is in a different location, and is designed either to
vent air or dump it very quickly. The method you should choose will depend on
whether you are descending feet-first, head-first, maintaining neutral buoyancy
underwater, or controlling your ascent. To release air as effectively as possible,
remember to utilize the valve that is at the highest point on the BC and nearest
to the surface, depending on your position in the water.

WARNING: Whenever you ascend, whether intentionally or accidentally,
you must simultaneously vent air from the BC as needed to maintain
buoyancy control. If air is allowed to expand inside the BC unchecked,
you may experience a rapid, uncontrolled ascent, which could lead to
serious injury or death due to arterial gas embolism, decompression
sickness, or drowning. To regain buoyancy control during an
uncontrolled ascent, you must dump air from the BC as quickly as
possible until you have stopped ascending.

Venting With the Oral Inflator

Air can be vented through the inflator by holding the inflator above your
head and depressing the oral inflator button. This method is recommended for
making an initial feet-first descent, but is not as effective while you are in a
facedown swimming position.