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NOTE: Depressing the oral inflator while the BC is empty may allow
water to enter the air cell.

Venting With the REV

Inside the power inflator’s corrugated hose is a cable that attaches the power
inflator to the rapid exhaust valve at the top of the airway assembly. You can
thus vent air from the BC by pulling straight down on the power inflator.
The amount of air vented depends on how far open the exhaust valve is (i.e.,
the distance you pull the inner cable) and how long it is open. Short pulls vent
small amounts of air for minor changes in buoyancy, and a long pull will vent
the entire BC in a matter of seconds.
You retain just as much control over your buoyancy using the Rapid Exhaust
Valve as with the oral inflator button. You also get the benefit of eliminating
water entry even if the exhaust valve remains open after release of all the air.
This valve provides an effective and convenient way to vent air from the BC
while you are in either an upright or face-down swimming position, and is more
convenient to use than the oral inflator.

Rear Dump Valve – If your BC has a Rear Dump Valve located on the lower rear
portion of the air cell, it can be opened manually to quickly dump air by pulling
on the ball and cord assembly. This valve works best while making a head-first
descent, or in a face-down swimming position.

CAUTION: The proper function of the overpressure relief valve is
essential to prevent damage to the BC air cell. Unauthorized service
or tampering may render this valve inoperable, and could cause the air
cell to leak or burst. This type of damage is not repairable, and is not
covered under the terms and conditions of the XS Scuba Warranty.

NOTE: Most training agencies recommend that you should descend
in an upright, feet-first position, in order to maintain a slower and
more controlled descent. This is especially true if you experience
difficulty equalizing your ears, or if you are descending in low visibility

Right Shoulder OPV / Dump Valve (not featured on all models)

Some models may feature a redundant OPV/Dump valve, located
at the top of the right shoulder. A ball and cord assembly
extends to the shoulder buckle assembly for quick dumping
of air.