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BC Owner’s Manual 7


XS Scuba, Inc

vent air by pulling the power inflator straight down. It works best while you are
in a vertical heads-up position or in a face-down swimming position.

WARNING: The OPV in the Integrated Inflator is set at a lower relief
pressure than the optional OPV located on the back of some BC models
to prevent damage to the material of the BC air cell. It is imperative
that the Integrated Inflator System be the only inflator used with this
BC. Never dive with the BC if the inflator does not function properly,
or if it has been tampered with, modified, or replaced with an inflator,
airway assembly, or shoulder dump of a manufacturer other than XS

Rear Dump Valve – This valve can be used to dump air
by pulling on the ball and cord. This Rear Dump Valve
works best while you are in a heads-down position or in
a face-down swimming position.

Primary Adjustment Points

Shoulder Straps
The shoulder straps of your BC are connected with side-
squeeze fasteners, and can be easily adjusted by pulling
upward on the buckle to loosen, or downward on the D-
ring at the end of the strap to tighten.

Cummerbund Waistband
The cummerbund is designed to provide a wide range
of adjustment to hold your BC snug and secure below
your rib cage and above your hips. All XS Scuba
cummerbunds feature a high quality Velcro



fastener, and can be adjusted for length at the backpack.
Some models feature an elastic stretch cummerbund
that can compensate for the contraction of your wetsuit
at depth. To fasten the cummerbund, simply pull the
left side containing the loop Velcro


snug across your

waist, and then pull the right side snug over it. Finally,
press firmly down to fasten the hook Velcro