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Page 12: Filling the weight pockets, 12 bc owner’s manual

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12 BC Owner’s Manual

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Integrated Weight System

Releasable Trim Weights

To install weight in each compartment, unfasten the Velcro


to open each

flap. Insert the desired weight and refasten the Velcro



It is important to remember at all times that weight installed in these

compartments MAY NOT be easily released during an emergency situation.
Before diving with trim weight installed in your BC, it is extremely important
to check your buoyancy in shallow water while wearing the BC attached to a
fully charged cylinder. While standing in chest deep water, completely deflate
the BC and verify that you can easily achieve positive buoyancy by ditching
your X-Lock™ Integrated Weight System pockets. For more information about
weighting and performing a buoyancy check, refer to the section titled, Diving
with Your XS Scuba BC

WARNING: The trim weight compartments should only be loaded
with weight that supplements the releasable weight carried on your
weight belt or your BC’s X-Lock™ Integrated Weight System pockets.
Do not install weight into the trim weight compartments unless you
are certain you can achieve positive buoyancy at depth by ditching
your releasable weight while your BC is completely deflated. You
may otherwise experience difficulty ascending to the surface in an
emergency situation, which could lead to serious injury or death due
to drowning.

X-Lock™ Integrated Weight System

Filling the Weight Pockets

To fill the X-Lock™ Integrated Weight System pockets with weight, it will be
necessary to first remove each one from its respective compartment by firmly
pulling the release handle straight out, toward the opposite side of the BC.

Open the sealed flap, and fold it back out of the way.
While holding the pocket fully open, insert the weight
and then close the flap. When each pocket has been
loaded with weight, firmly run your hand over the flaps
to seal the Velcro


fastener securely in place.

When filling the X-Lock™ Integrated Weight System
pockets, it is important to fill each pocket with the