Attaching the bc to the cylinder, Bc owner’s manual 11 – XS Scuba Buoyancy Compensator User Manual

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BC Owner’s Manual 11


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1. Ensure that the metal bale of the buckle is as close to the rear of the
BC as possible. This provides the greatest range of adjustment.
2. With the buckle fully open, thread the cylinder band up the middle slot
and back down through the slot closest to the metal bale. Pull the end
to increase the tension in the band.
3. Loosely thread the webbing through the open slot in the end of the
buckle, but do not cinch it tight at this time.

Attaching the BC to the Cylinder

NOTE: Some models are equipped with the Micro Pac™ and two
cylinder band assemblies.

1. First, wet the cylinder band(s) and then fit the BC over the cylinder.
Loop the tank locator strap over the cylinder valve and adjust it as
needed to hold the BC at the desired height and position.
2. While holding the cylinder secure, pull the free end of the cylinder
band until there is a very tight fit between the pack and the cylinder.
3. Close the buckle halfway to hold the cylinder band taut, and thread the
end of the band through the open slot in the end of the buckle.
4. Pull the cam buckle closed so that it snaps down against the cylinder.
Fasten the end of the webbing securely over the loop Velcro


on the

cylinder band.
5. Test the tightness by vigorously pulling and shaking the BC by the
shoulder straps.

WARNING: The cylinder band may initially stretch after it becomes wet.
Always wet the band prior to attaching your BC to the cylinder and apply
enough tension to ensure that the cylinder is held completely secure.
Test this connection before every dive. If the cylinder is allowed to slip
free from the BC while you are diving, you could become separated
from your air supply, which could result in serious injury or death.