Cylinder band with buckle, Tank locator strap, Sternum strap – XS Scuba Buoyancy Compensator User Manual

Page 8: Integrated weight systems, 8 bc owner’s manual

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8 BC Owner’s Manual

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Cylinder Band with Buckle
This mechanism attaches your BC to your cylinder
so that it is securely held at the desired height,
without slipping. Some models are equipped with the
exclusive Micro Pac™ and two cylinder bands for extra
The nylon webbing should already be woven through
the buckle(s), but instructions for re-weaving are
provided in the following section, titled Preparation
& Setup

Tank Locator Strap
To ensure that your BC is set at the correct height on
the cylinder, simply loop this strap over the cylinder
valve and adjust it to raise or lower the BC. Then,
fasten the cylinder band(s).

Sternum Strap
Most models are equipped with this feature, or it
can be purchased separately as an accessory option.
Using two dimes, you can disassemble the post pin on
the female buckle to reverse the strap’s direction, or
remove it altogether.

Integrated Weight Systems

Some XS Scuba BC models are equipped with built-in compartments and
pockets to hold X-Lock™ Integrated Weight System and trim weights. Either
“soft weight” (pouches filled with lead shot) or solid weight can be used, but
soft weight is strongly recommended, since it will fill the weight compartment
to its fullest capacity and provide the maximum comfort.
If your XS Scuba BC is a weight integrated model, it is very important to read
the following instructions in order to understand the difference between these
two types of weight pockets and how to use them correctly. For installation and
removal instructions, see the following section, titled Preparation & Setup.