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or if you use a different cylinder, BC, or exposure suit.

Diving With an X-Lock™ Integrated Weight System

It is important to remember that the X-Lock™ Integrated Weight System
pockets are connected to the BC independently of each other, unlike a weight
belt that has only one release mechanism, and must be released accordingly.
This feature provides you with the advantage of being able to ditch only half
your weight initially, and thereby maintain better control of your ascent rate in
an emergency.
In the event of an emergency that requires you to ditch your weight, firmly
pull the release handle of each weight pocket towards the opposite side of your
waist. When the pocket is completely disengaged from its compartment, hold
it out and away from your body before dropping it.

CAUTION: To avoid injuring other divers, always look below you before
dropping weight.

WARNING: Always ensure that your X-Lock™ Integrated Weight
System is not obstructed by any straps, lines, etc. DO NOT add weight
to your BC anywhere other than the designated weight compartments,
since doing so may prevent you from being able to ditch weight in
an emergency. Failure to ditch weight in an emergency may lead to
serious injury or death due to drowning.

Before diving with a BC that features a X-Lock™ Integrated Weight System,
it is very important to explain its function and design to your dive buddy. Thus
will ensure that they are as familiar with it as you are so they can assist you in
case of an emergency.

Inflating Your BC

Oral Inflation
To orally inflate your BC, hold the oral inflator
mouthpiece to your mouth and depress the oral inflator
button while exhaling into the mouthpiece. Release
the button when done or while taking another breath,
and repeat this procedure until the BC is satisfactorily

NOTE: Oral inflation of your BC underwater is a practiced skill that
must be achieved under the supervision of your diving instructor,
since it requires the removal of your second stage regulator from your