LEDGlow 2pc White LED Flexible Headlight Strip Kit w Amber Turn Signals User Manual

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2pc White LED Flexible Headlight Strip Kit w Amber Turn Signals

Warning: The installation of this kit is recommended to be installed by a licensed professional. The improper installation of this
kit will void all warranties.

It is recommended to install each lighting strip using 3M™ Adhesion Promoter which allows for a much stronger bond between
the adhesive tape of the light strip and the cleaned mounting surface of your headlight. This is an optional installation accessory
that is NOT included with your lighting kit.


Headlight Strip Kit Includes:

(2) White Headlight Strips w/
Amber Turn Signals

3M™ Tape

3.5ft. Power Wire

Headlight Strip Kit Installation:


Prior to installation, be sure to test the kit by temporarily connecting the white and yellow wires to a 12 volt source and
the black ground wire to an unpainted metal ground. Once the wires are secure, power the kit on to ensure it is fully
functional before moving forward with the installation.


Lay out the LED light strips the way they will be installed on the underside of the headlight assembly. Be sure that the
power and ground wires when routed to the power source will not be pinched, cut or exposed to any direct heat source
or moving parts. If any physical damage occurs to the kit, it will immediately void the warranty.


Optional: It may be necessary to remove the headlight assembly from your vehicle. Please consult your owner’s
manual before removing and reinstalling any of your vehicle’s components.


Once the strips and wires are mocked up, clean the mounting surface on the underside of the headlight assembly with
an alcohol prep pad. The mounting surface should be between 45 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit to achieve the strongest
bonding results from the double sided tape. Note: The surface area must be free of all oils, moisture, dirt and wax in
order for the supplied adhesive tape to bond and adhere to the installation surface correctly.


Optional: Each strip can be cut to your desired size for the mounting location. Every 6


LED has a black tab that

indicates where the strip can be cut. After cleaning the mounting surface with an alcohol prep pad, you can apply 3M
Adhesion Promoter that allows for a much stronger adhesion between the 3M tape and mounting surface.


Double check that the mounting surface is clean and dry. Mount each strip by using the supplied double sided adhesive
tape. Once this step is complete and the strips are secure, allow ample time for the adhesive to settle and cure.


Route and connect the white power wire to the headlight switch source and the black ground wire to an unpainted metal
ground (-) location. Connect the yellow power wires to the turn signal source. If the wires need to be extended, use 16
or 18 gauge automotive grade wiring for the white stripe and black power wires only. Connect and secure the power
wires only after everything is properly mounted and installed. Secure any excess wire with zip ties so they do not get
caught on any moving parts or come in contact with any direct heat sources.


Re-install the headlight assembly if it was removed in Step 3.


Power the headlight strips to ensure proper functionality.