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Paper detected does not match paper size or type selected"
If you receive an error message about a paper mismatch, it indicates that the paper size
or type selected in the software program or in the

printer software

does not match the

paper in the In tray. Follow

these instructions

to resolve the problem.

"Print cartridge is in the wrong slot"
If you receive this error message, the print cartridge is installed in the wrong side of the
print cartridge cradle.
Always install the tri-color print cartridge in the left print cartridge cradle compartment.
Install the black or photo print cartridge in the right print cartridge cradle compartment.

"Printing in ink-backup mode"
When the printer detects that only one print cartridge is installed, ink-backup mode is
initiated. This printing mode lets you print with a single print cartridge, but it slows the
printer and affects the quality of printouts.
If you receive the ink-backup mode message and two print cartridges are installed in the
printer, verify that the protective piece of plastic tape has been removed from each print
cartridge. When plastic tape covers the print cartridge contacts, the printer cannot detect
that the print cartridge is installed.

General Protection Fault
A General Protection Fault, or GPF, is a Microsoft Windows error message that is
displayed when a software program, or a device such as a printer, performs an action
that Windows determines to be a problem.
There are many possible causes of a GPF. Try the following to resolve a GPF:

Restart the computer, and then try printing again.


Try printing using different settings or options.


If the problem still occurs:

Use a different software program, if available.

Check with the software program vendor for program updates.

Verify that the computer has sufficient RAM and hard disk space.

Delete any temporary files on the computer.

If you continue to experience problems, visit HP Technical Support at




Out-of-paper message

Follow the appropriate steps for the condition that exists.

If the In tray contains paper

Verify the following:

A sufficient amount of paper is in the In tray (at least ten sheets).

The In tray is not overly full.

The paper stack is touching the back of the In tray.

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