Sound, Dvd playback – Sony RDR-VX521 User Manual

Page 110

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The picture does not fill the screen, even
though the aspect ratio is set in “TV Type” in
“Video” setup.

, The aspect ratio of the disc is fixed on your DVD.


There is no sound.

, Re-connect all connections securely.
, The connecting cord is damaged.
, The input source setting on the amplifier or the

connection to the amplifier is incorrect.

, The recorder is in reverse play, fast-forward,

slow motion, or pause mode.

, If the audio signal does not come through the

COAXIAL) jack, check the “Audio” setup
settings (page 102).

Sound is noisy.

, When playing a CD with DTS soundtracks, noise

will come from the LINE OUT (AUDIO L/R) or
AUDIO OUT L/R jacks (page 38).

The sound volume is low.

, The sound volume is low on some DVDs.

The sound volume may improve if you set
“Audio DRC” in “Audio” setup to “Wide
Range” (page 103).

An alternate audio track cannot be recorded or

, Second Audio Program (SAP) is not available

for all programs. The program you are recording
does not have a second audio program.

, You have set “Tuner Audio” in “Audio” setup to

“Main” (page 102). Select “SAP” to record
alternate audio programs.

, If you have connected an AV amplifier to the

COAXIAL) jack and want to change the audio
track for a DVD-RW (VR mode)/DVD-R (VR
mode) during playback, set “Dolby Digital” in
“Audio” setup to “D-PCM” (page 102).

, When recording to a disc other than DVD-RWs

(VR mode)/DVD-Rs (VR mode), set “Line
Audio Input” in “Audio” setup to “Stereo.”

DVD Playback

The disc does not play.

, The disc is upside down. Insert the disc with the

labeled side facing up.

, The disc is not correctly inserted.
, Moisture has condensed inside the recorder.

Remove the disc and leave the recorder turned on
for about half an hour until the moisture

, If the disc was recorded on another recorder, the

recorder cannot play the disc if it was not
finalized (page 91).

The disc does not start playback from the

, Resume play was activated (page 39).
, You have inserted a disc whose Title menu or

DVD menu automatically appears on the TV
screen when it is first inserted. Use the menu to
start playback.

The recorder starts playing the disc

, The DVD VIDEO features an auto playback


Playback stops automatically.

, If the disc has an auto pause signal, the recorder

stops playback at the auto pause signal.

Some functions such as Stop, Search, or Slow-
motion Play cannot be performed.

, Depending on the disc, you may not be able to do

some of the operations above. See the instruction
manual supplied with the disc.

, While the recorder is reading disc information,

playback operations will not work.

The language for the soundtrack cannot be

, Multilingual tracks are not recorded on the disc

being played.

, The DVD VIDEO prohibits the changing of the

language for the soundtrack.

, Try changing the language using the DVD

VIDEO’s menu.