Dvd editing, Before editing – Sony RDR-VX521 User Manual

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DVD Editing

Before Editing

This recorder offers various edit options for
various disc types. Before you edit, check the disc
type in the front panel display, and select the
option available for your disc (page 30).


• You may lose the edited contents if you remove the disc

or a timer recording starts while editing.

• You cannot edit recordings on DVD-RWs (Video

mode) or DVD-Rs (Video mode) recorded on other
DVD equipment.

Edit options for DVD+RWs/DVD-RWs
(Video mode)/DVD+Rs/DVD-Rs
(Video mode)

You can perform simple edits. Since Video mode
titles are actual recordings on the disc, you cannot
undo any edits you make. The edit functions
available for Video mode titles are:
– Renaming a title (page 63).
– Erasing a title (page 59).
– Setting protection against erasure (DVD+RWs

only) (page 59).

– Erasing a section of a title (A-B Erase)

(DVD+RWs only) (page 60).

– Dividing a title (DVD+RWs only) (page 61).


• Once the disc is finalized, you cannot edit or record on

the disc (except for DVD+RWs).

• If a message appears and indicates that the disc’s

control information is full, erase unnecessary titles.

Edit options for DVD-RWs (VR mode)/
DVD-Rs (VR mode)

You can enjoy advanced edit functions. First you
have two options for a DVD-RW (VR mode) and
DVD-R (VR mode): editing either the original
recording (called the “original”), or the playback
information created from the original (called a
“Playlist”). Since each is different in nature and
offers different merits, read the following and
select the one that better suits your needs.

To edit original titles

Edits made to the original titles are final. If you
plan to retain an unaltered original recording,
create and edit a Playlist (see below). The edit
functions available for original titles are:
– Renaming a title (page 63).
– Erasing a title (page 59).
– Erasing a chapter (page 60).
– Setting protection against erasure (page 59).
– Erasing a section of a title (A-B Erase) (page 60).
– Dividing a title (page 61).

To create and edit Playlist titles

A Playlist is a group of Playlist titles created from
the original title for editing purposes. When you
create a Playlist, only the control information
necessary for playback, such as the playback
order, is stored on the disc. Since the original titles
are left unaltered, Playlist titles can be re-edited.
If you erase an original title used in a Playlist, that
Playlist is also erased.

Example: You have recorded the final few
matches of a soccer tournament on a DVD-RW
(VR mode). You want to create a digest with the
goal scenes and other highlights, but you also want
to keep the original recording.