Hookups and settings, Hooking up the recorder, Step 1: unpacking – Sony RDR-VX521 User Manual

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Hookups and Settings

Hooking Up the Recorder

Follow steps 1 to 7 to hook up and adjust the
settings of the recorder.


• Plug cords securely to prevent unwanted noise.
• See the instructions supplied with the components to be


• You cannot connect this recorder to a TV that does not

have a video input jack.

• Be sure to disconnect the power cord of each

component before connecting.

Step 1: Unpacking

Check that you have the following items:
• Audio/video cord

(phono plug

× 3 y phono plug × 3) (1)

• Antenna cable (1)
• Remote commander (remote) (1)
• Set top box controller (1)
• Size AA (R6) batteries (2)

Step 2: Connecting the
Antenna Cable and Set Top
Box Controller

Select one of the following antenna hookups. Do
not connect the power cord until you reach
“Connecting the Power Cord” on page 20.

Using the cable box/satellite
receiver control function

The cable box/satellite receiver control function
can be used with hookup A or B. It allows the
recorder to control a cable box or satellite receiver
via the supplied set top box controller. The
recorder controls channels on the cable box or
satellite receiver for timer recording. You can also
use the recorder’s remote control to change
channels on the cable box/satellite receiver
whenever the cable box/satellite receiver and the
recorder are turned on.
To use the cable box/satellite receiver control
function, you need to connect the set top box
controller and set the code number and output
channel (page 23). After setting up the cable box/
satellite receiver control, check that the recorder
can correctly control the cable box or satellite
receiver (page 25).

Note to CATV system installer (in USA)

This reminder is provided to call the CATV
system installer’s attention to Article 820- 40 of
the NEC that provides guidelines for proper
grounding and, in particular, specifies that the
cable ground shall be connected to the grounding
system of the building, as close to the point of
cable entry as practical.


• If your antenna is a flat cable (300-ohm twin lead

cable), use an external antenna connector (not
supplied) to connect the antenna to the recorder.

• If you have separate cables for VHF and UHF

antennas, use a UHF/VHF band mixer (not supplied) to
connect the antenna to the recorder.

If you have


Cable box or satellite receiver with a
video/audio output

A (page 13)

Cable box with an antenna output

B (page 14)

Cable without cable box, or antenna
only (no cable TV)

C (page 15)