Checking the remaining tape length – Sony RDR-VX521 User Manual

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When the counter reaches “0:00,” the recorder
stops recording and turns off.

To cancel the Quick Timer

Press z REC repeatedly until the counter appears
in the front panel display. The recorder returns to
normal recording mode.

To stop recording

Press x STOP twice.

Checking the remaining tape length

You can check recording information, such as
remaining tape length or recording mode, etc.

Press DISPLAY while recording.

The information display appears.
Press the button repeatedly to change the display
(page 76).

A Recording status
B Time counter
C Recording mode
D Remaining tape length
E Current channel

To check the remaining tape length, set “VCR
Function” – “Tape Length” of “Features” in the
“Setup” display correctly (page 105).



You can view the information also in the front panel
display. Press TIME/TEXT repeatedly to change the
display. Note that TIME/TEXT does not work during
One-touch Timer Recording.


• The remaining tape length may not be indicated

accurately for short tapes such as T-20 or T-30, or tapes
recorded in LP mode.

• After DISPLAY is pressed, it may take one minute for

the remaining tape length to appear.




Rem 01:30

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