Region code (dvd video only) – Sony RDR-VX521 User Manual

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Note on playback operations of DVD VIDEOs/

Some playback operations of DVD VIDEOs/
VIDEO CDs may be intentionally set by software
producers. Since this recorder plays DVD
VIDEOs/VIDEO CDs according to the disc
contents the software producers designed, some
playback features may not be available. Also, see
the instructions supplied with the DVD VIDEOs/

Note on DualDiscs

A DualDisc is a two sided disc product which
mates DVD recorded material on one side with
digital audio material on the other side.
However, since the audio material side does not
conform to the Compact Disc (CD) standard,
playback on this product is not guaranteed.

Region code (DVD VIDEO only)

Your recorder has a region code printed on the rear
of the unit and will only play DVD VIDEOs
(playback only) labeled with identical region
codes. This system is used to protect copyrights.
DVD VIDEOs labeled

will also play on this

If you try to play any other DVD VIDEO, a
message will appear on the TV screen to indicate
that the disc is not playable. Depending on the
DVD VIDEO, no region code indication may be
labeled even though playing the DVD VIDEO is
prohibited by area restrictions.

Music discs encoded with copyright protection

This product is designed to playback discs that
conform to the Compact Disc (CD) standard.
Recently, various music discs encoded with
copyright protection technologies are being
marketed by some record companies. Please be
aware that among those discs, there are some that
do not conform to the CD standard and may not be
playable by this product.


• Some DVD+RWs/DVD+Rs, DVD-RWs/DVD-Rs, or

CD-RWs/CD-Rs cannot be played on this recorder due
to the recording quality or physical condition of the
disc, or the characteristics of the recording device and
authoring software. The disc will not play if it has not
been correctly finalized. For more information, see the
operating instructions for the recording device.

• You cannot mix VR mode and Video mode on the same

DVD-RW or DVD-R. To change the DVD-RW’s
format, reformat the disc (page 70). Note that a disc’s
contents will be erased after reformatting.

• You cannot shorten the time required for recording

even with high-speed discs. Also, you cannot record on
the disc if the disc is not 1x speed compatible.

• It is recommended that you use discs with “For Video”

printed on their packaging.

• You cannot add new recordings to DVD-RWs (Video

mode) or DVD-Rs (Video mode) recorded on other

• You may not be able to further record on a DVD+RW

recorded on other equipment. Note that recording on
such discs may cause the recorder to rewrite the DVD

• If the disc contains PC data unrecognizable by this

recorder, the data may be erased.





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