About the modem – Sony PCV-RS411 User Manual

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About the Modem

Why is my modem connection slow?

Many factors can influence modem connection speed, such as:

Telephone line noise.

Incompatibility with other telephone equipment such as fax machines or other modems.

Internet Service Providers (ISP) connection capability may vary.

If you think your modem is not connecting properly to other PC-based modems, fax machines, or your ISP, check the

Contact your telephone company and ask them to verify that your telephone line is free from line noise.

If your problem is fax-related, check that there are no problems with the fax machine you are calling and that it is
compatible with fax modems.

For optimum performance, verify that your ISP point of presence (POP) telephone number is compliant with V.90

If you are having a problem connecting with your ISP, check that they are not experiencing technical problems.

Try connecting your modem through another telephone line, if available.

Page 114