Connecting the telephone and modem cables – Sony PCV-RS411 User Manual

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Connecting the Telephone and Modem Cables


Unplug your telephone from the wall jack and plug its cable into the telephone jack located on the back panel of
your computer.


Plug the modem cable (supplied) into the modem line jack located on the back panel of your computer


Plug the other end of the modem cable into the wall jack.

To connect the telephone and m odem cables

Your computer has a protective sticker

covering the Ethernet port located on the rear panel.

Connect only 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX cables to the Ethernet port. Using other cables or a telephone cable
may result in an electric current overload that can cause a malfunction, excessive heat, or fire in the Ethernet
port. For help on connecting to a network, see your network administrator.

Page 26