Sony PCV-RS411 User Manual

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Detach the power and drive cables from the original hard disk drive that is preinstalled in your computer.


Release the drive holder from the chassis by removing the drive holder screw.


Slide the drive holder out.

Rem ov ing the driv e holder


Slide the new drive into the drive holder and align the holes on each side of the drive to the holes in the Drive


Secure the drive to the drive holder with screws, through the holes on each side of the drive holder.

Attaching the driv e screws

Your new hard disk drive is supplied with the necessary screws. Do not overtighten these screws when securing

the new drive to the drive holder.

10. Realign the drive holder with the tracks on the inside of the chassis and slide the drive holder in completely.

11. Reinsert the drive holder screw and tighten to lock the drive holder back into position.

12. Reconnect the IDE and power connectors to the original drive.

13. Connect the second drive connector to the new drive. Orient the connector to align pin 1 on the red side of the

ribbon cable with pin 1 on the new drive.

Page 90