Sony PCV-RS411 User Manual

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Why can't I hear sound when using the SP/DIF option for digital output?

If your computer has a preinstalled Sound Blaster Audigy ES sound card


, the Play Control settings must be changed to

support digital sound. Follow these steps to change the settings:


From the Windows taskbar notification area, double-click on


The Play Control dialog box appears.


Click Options, and then click Advanced Controls. Click the Advanced button.

The Advanced Controls for Play Control dialog box appears.


In the Other Controls box, click to select the option, 1 Digital Output Only.


Click Close, and then close the Play Control dialog box.


T he Sound Blas ter A udigy E S s ound c ard is available with c ertain V A I O


c omputers . See your online Spec ific ations s heet for information about your

c omputer's hardware c onfiguration.

Page 120