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About Installing Memory

The amount of preinstalled memory may vary, depending on the system configuration you purchased. Your computer may
ship with all available memory slots filled. For memory replacement or upgrades, use the correct memory module for your
computer's configuration. See the online


sheet for details about the amount and type of memory installed in

your computer.

You can purchase additional memory modules, accessories, and peripheral equipment from your local retailer.

Observe the proper safety precautions when you add or remove the memory in your computer. See


upgrading your computer


Removing a memory module


Shut down your computer and turn off all peripheral devices, such as your printer.


Unplug your computer and any peripheral devices.


Remove the cover. See

Removing the cover



Gently place the unit on its side. If necessary, remove any cables, add-on cards, or other components to access
the memory module slots.


Locate the memory module(s) you wish to remove.


Push down on the latches, located on both sides of the module, to gently eject it from the slot.


Grasp one edge of the module and lift it out. Store the module in a static-free bag.

Rem ov ing/Installing m em ory (PCV- RS410 series m odel)

Installing a memory module

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