Sony PCV-RS411 User Manual

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automatically programmed into the appropriate Timer Recording Wizard fields.


You can set the stop time for your timer recording and select the recording mode. The stop time is automatically
programmed into the Timer Recording Wizard. Verify the stop time, choose a recording mode, and then click Next

Recording Mode


Standard Play (SP)

Standard recording mode (MPEG-2).

High Quality (HQ)

Image quality is improved, but recording requires more space on the hard disk drive as

compared to using SP or LP recording modes (MPEG-2).

Long Play (LP)

Image quality is reduced, but recording requires less space on the hard disk drive as compared to

using HQ recording mode (MPEG-1).

New Tim er Recording - Set Stop Tim e and Recording Mode


From the New Timer Recording - Set Details dialog box, you can customize the timer recording schedule. Select
how often you want to record the program.

New Tim er Recording - Set Details

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