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Resources for Additional Help and Support

If the information provided with your VAIO


computer does not offer an immediate solution, or you would like to get direct

support, try these additional help and support resources.

Sony Online Support Web site

Online help and support are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, when you visit the Sony Online Support Web
site. You can access the Web site at


The Sony Online Support Web site provides:

Information about your specific model computer, such as:

hardware and software specifications.

upgrade and maintenance procedures.

safety and legal information.

quick solutions to common problems.

An automated tutorial library that contains interactive, easy-to-understand lessons on using your computer's
hardware and software features.

Links that enable you to:

quickly find the nearest Sony service center locations.

arrange for repairs or check repair status.

review warranty information.

e-mail your question or comments to the Sony Customer Information Services Center.

check pricing and availability for products, accessories and parts, as well as purchase online.

access the Sony Solutions Knowledge Base, a database that contains answers to many frequently asked

Sony Customer Information Services Center

If other support options do not resolve your issue, you can contact a Sony Support representative directly.

Before making a call to the Sony Customer Information Services Center, have this basic information readily available.




computer system type.


Model number.


Serial number





Operating system.


Hardware feature or software application that has a problem. (See

Software Help and Support

for the

appropriate software contact information.)


Brief description of the issue.



computers purchased in the U.S. and Canada, contact a Sony Support representative at 1-888-476-6972.


T he s erial number is loc ated on the bac k panel of your c omputer. T he s erial number is on a white barc ode label.

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