Planning an ergonomic work space – Sony PCV-RS411 User Manual

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Planning an Ergonomic Work Space

Before you set up your new computer, find the best location for your new computer and plan your work space. There are
several ergonomic factors to consider when you arrange your work space:

Stable work surface — Use a stable work surface large enough to support the computer and other peripheral

Ventilation — Leave at least eight inches of space on the left and back sides of your computer to enable proper

Placement of the keyboard, mouse, and other input devices — Place your keyboard, mouse, and other input
devices so that your arms and hands are in a relaxed, comfortable position. The keyboard should be directly in front
of you. Adjust the level of the keyboard so that your lower arms are parallel to the floor. Keep your wrists in a
relaxed position when you are using the keyboard — not angled up or down. Use the palmrest only briefly, for
resting. While typing, never use the palmrest or rest your hands on the table. Position the mouse at the same level
as the keyboard. Hold the mouse with a relaxed hand, and use your whole arm to move it. Take breaks during
sessions with your computer. Excessive use of the mouse or a joystick may strain muscles or tendons.

Furniture and posture — Sit in a chair with good back support and armrests. Adjust the level of the chair so your
feet are flat on the floor. A footrest may make you more comfortable. Sit with relaxed, upright posture — avoid
slouching forward or leaning far backward.

Viewing angle of the display — Position the display 18 to 26 inches directly in front of you, with the top of the
screen at or a little below eye level. Use the display's tilting feature to find the best position. You can reduce eye
strain and muscle fatigue by placing the display in the proper position.

Lighting — Choose a location where windows and lights do not create glare and reflection on the display. Use
indirect lighting to avoid bright spots on the display. You can also purchase accessories for your display that help
reduce glare. Proper lighting adds to your comfort and work effectiveness.

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