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About Hard Disk Drive Installation

Your computer comes with an available internal bay to hold a second standard 3.5-inch hard disk drive. Some models, such
as Configure-to-Order (CTO) systems, may already have a second hard disk drive installed. Your system can support
ATA-33, ATA-66, or ATA-100 hard disk drives. Sony recommends using an ATA-100 hard disk drive to take full advantage of
your system's features.

The hard disk drive access indicator is lit when either internal hard disk drive is active.

Replacing the original hard disk drive

If you replace the original, factory-installed hard disk drive, you may need to correct your drive mapping, create a VAIO
Recovery Media Kit, or visit the Sony Online Support Web site for more information.

Drive Mapping

When a new hard disk drive is installed, the original drive mapping


may be changed. The identified drives, including those

for removable media


, may not reflect correct drive/icon associations. For more information on how to correct your drive

mapping, visit the Sony Online Support Web site at



Hard disk drive recovery

When you replace the original hard disk drive, the preinstalled VAIO Recovery Wizard utility program cannot restore the
drive partitions, operating system, or original software programs. Before replacing the hard disk drive, create a VAIO
Recovery Media Kit or purchase a kit from Sony.



computer is not supplied with System or Application Recovery CDs. Use the VAIO Recovery Wizard utility to

recover your computer's operating system and preinstalled software programs.

For more information about the VAIO Recovery Wizard utility program:


Click Start from the Windows


taskbar, and then click Help and Support.


From the VAIO Help and Support Center, click VAIO Recovery Options.

Using the Sony Online Support Web site

For detailed information about installing additional hard disk drives, see the System Reference Manual. You can download
the System Reference Manual from the Sony Online Support Web site at:



Your computer must have an active Internet connection to access the Sony Online Support Web site.

From the Sony support Web site:


Click on Computers & Peripherals.


Use the drop-down list boxes to select your product, series, and model information. Click Model Support Page.
The model-specific support Web page appears.


Under Documentation, click System Reference Manual or System Reference Guide.

Make sure you observe the proper safety precautions when you upgrade your Sony computer. See


upgrading your computer


Installing an additional hard disk drive


Shut down your computer and turn off all peripheral devices, such as your printer.


Unplug your computer and any peripheral devices.


Remove the cover. See

Removing the cover



Configure the jumpers on the new drive as a slave. See the configuration instructions supplied with your drive.

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