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[Scan Functions]



Specifying a destination




For details on how to register a destination, refer to page 10-2.

A group destination can only be registered using

Web Connection. For details on the registration procedure,

refer to Chapter 2 "Configuring the Operating Environment of This Machine" in [User's Guide: Applied Func-

Directly entering data

In [Direct Input], tap the key that matches the type of the destination you want to save or send, then enter
destination information.

When specifying multiple destinations, tap [Next Dest.] to add destinations up to 30.



[Address Type]

Narrow down destinations by the type of the registered destination.

[Name Search]

Searches for the specified destination using its registration name.


When you are using the LDAP server or Active Directory of Windows Server,
search for an E-mail address through the server. For details, refer to
page 1-11.





E-mail Address

Enter the E-mail address as a destination (using ASCII characters of up to 320



[Host Name]

Enter the host name or IP address of the destination FTP server (using up to
253 bytes).

Example of host name entry: ""

Example of IP address (IPv4) entry: ""

Example of IP address (IPv6) entry: "fe80::220:6bff:fe10:2f16"

[File Path]

Enter the name of the storage folder in the FTP server specified in [Host Name]
(using up to 127 bytes).

Entry example: "scan"

When specifying a folder in the FTP folder, insert a symbol, "/", between the
folder names.

Entry example: "scan/document"

When not specifying a file path, enter "/".

Entry example: "/"

[User Name]

If authentication is required in the destination FTP server, enter the available
user name to log in (using ASCII characters of up to 63 bytes).

Entry example: "public_user"


Enter the password (using ASCII characters of up to 63 bytes).

[Port No.]

If necessary, change the port number.
Normally, you can use the original port number.
[21] is specified by default.


When the PASV mode is used in your environment, select this item.


When a proxy server is used in your environment, select this item.

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