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Application functions


[Scan Functions]



Application functions


Sending data to your computer (Scan to Home)

Scan to Home

Scan to Home can easily send the original data scanned on this machine to a shared folder on a server or on
your computer.

If you log in to this machine while user authentication is employed on this machine and Active Directory is
used as an authentication server, the [Home] key appears in the [Favorites] screen.

To send scanned original data to a shared folder on the server or your computer, select the [Home] key.

Operations required to use this function (for administrators)

To use the Scan to Home function, the following settings are required.


Registering the Home directory in Active Directory as user's registration information


Configuring the Active Directory authentication on this machine


Enabling the Scan to Home function of this machine

For details on the setting procedure, refer to Chapter 2 "Configuring the Operating Environment of This Ma-
chine" in [User's Guide: Applied Functions].

Operation flow


Load the original.


Enter user information, and log in to this machine.


Tap [Scan to Folder].


Select [Home].


Configure Scan option settings as necessary.


Press the Start key.

% Tap [Check Settings] before sending data, and check the specified destination and settings if nec-


% To redo operations for specifying destinations or option settings, press the Reset key.

% If you press the Stop key while scanning the original, scanning stops. To cancel scanning the orig-

inal, delete inactive jobs from the Job screen.

Sending starts.

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