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[Scan Functions]



Preparation for WS Scan



Click the [Events] tab, and specify the operation (how to save original data) of a destination computer
at scan transmission (WS Scan).


If necessary, right-click the icon of this machine, then click [Scan profiles] to change the default scan

% For details on the scan settings, refer to page 8-8.


On the Control Panel of this machine, tap [Direct Input] - [DPWS] on the Scan to Folder screen, and
check that a target computer is displayed.

The settings on the computer are then completed.


Machine side: Option settings (for administrators)

Using SSL communication

If a communication that uses the Web service is encrypted with SSL in your environment, configure SSL com-
munication settings.

For details on the setting procedure, refer to Chapter 2 "Configuring the Operating Environment of This Ma-
chine" in [User's Guide: Applied Functions].


In Windows 8/8.1, a communication using the Web service cannot be encrypted using SSL.



[Select an event]

Select [Scan].


Select the operation of a destination computer when performing a scan trans-
mission on this machine.

[Start this program]: Starts the application for WS Scan that is installed on
a computer selected as a WS Scan destination, and displays the scanned
original data in the application window. Select the application to be started
from the list.

[Prompt for which program to run]: Displays a list of applications for WS
Scan installed on your computer (destination computer) in the screen of the
computer that performed a scan transmission.

[Take no action]: Saves original data in the following folder as a file without
starting the application.
On your computer, select Start - [Documents] - [Scanned Documents].

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