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Application functions


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E-mail encryption and adding a digital signature (S/MIME)


S/MIME is one of the E-mail encryption schemes. Using S/MIME encrypts an E-mail sent from this machine,
preventing a interception by third parties during transmission. Adding a digital signature to an E-mail provides
assurance regarding the authenticity of the sender, and certifies that no data has been falsified.

Operations required to use this function (for administrators)

Enable the S/MIME mode. To encrypt an E-mail, register the encryption certificate in the E-mail address.

For details on the setting procedure, refer to Chapter 2 "Configuring the Operating Environment of This Ma-
chine" in [User's Guide: Applied Functions].

Operation flow


Load the original.


Tap [Scan to E-mail].


Select [Application] - [App], and configure [E-mail Encryption] and [Digital Signature].

% To apply E-mail encryption, set [E-mail Encryption] to [ON].

% To add a digital signature, set [Digital Signature] to [ON].

% If you cannot change [ON] or [OFF] in [Digital Signature], whether or not to always add a signature

is specified by the administrator.


Specify the E-mail address of the destination.

% To encrypt an E-mail, select an E-mail address with the certificate registered.

% Up to 10 E-mails can be broadcast.


Press the Start key.

% Tap [Check Settings] before sending data, and check the specified destination and settings if nec-


% To redo operations for specifying destinations or option settings, press the Reset key.

% If you press the Stop key while scanning the original, scanning stops. To cancel scanning the orig-

inal, delete inactive jobs from the Job screen.

Sending starts.

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