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Preparation for saving data to USB memory


[Scan Functions]



Preparation for saving data to USB memory

USB memory devices that have the following specifications can be connected to this machine.

Note the following points when connecting a USB memory device to this machine.


Do not disconnect the USB memory device while saving a file to the USB memory or printing a file in
the USB memory.


Do not use a USB device such as a hard disk other than a USB memory device or USB hub.


When this machine is starting up, do not insert or remove the USB memory device to/from the USB port.


Do not disconnect the USB memory device directly after connecting it.


When a USB memory device is installed, do not change the angle of the Control Panel. Contact with
the Control Panel and damage to a USB memory device may be caused depending on the size or
shape of the USB memory device.

Related setting (for the administrator)

You can select whether or not to permit saving files in the USB memory.
To configure settings: [Utility] - [Administrator Settings] - [System Settings] - [Folder Settings] - [External
Memory Function Settings] - [Restrict Scan to USB] (default: [OFF]).




Compatible with USB Version 1.0/2.0 interface

Format type

Formatted in FAT32


Securities such as data encryption and password lock shall be released, or the
security function shall be turned Off.

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