13 scenes & rules, Triggering devices from events, Creating rules – 2GIG Z-Wave User Manual

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Scenes & Rules

Triggering Devices from Events

A Scene can be run on its own, or “ Rules” can
be assigned to trigger a Scene after a Control
Panel “event” such as arming your system or
when an alarm occurs.

Creating Rules

Rules are created by assigning a Scene to run
for an event that occurs.

To create a Rule, use the following steps:

1. From the Home Screen press the HOME

SERVICES button.

2. From the Manage Z-Wave Devices Screen, press

the RULES button.

3. From the Event Rules Screen press the ADD

RULE button.

4. Use the

← or → arrows to choose a system

event to trigger the Scene. The events available
• System Armed Away
• System Armed Stay
• System Disarmed
• Exit Delay Started
• Entry Delay Started
• Fire or CO Alarm
• Alarm
• Audible Alarm
• Auxiliary Alarm
• Non-response Zone Opened
• Non-response Zone Closed

5. Use the

← or → arrows to choose a Scene to

run when the selected event occurs.

6. Press OK to create the Rule or CANCEL to quit.

7. Repeat Steps 3 through 6 to create additional

Rules, or press BACK to quit.

Manage Z-Wave Devices Screen

Press RULES button

Add Event Rules Screen



Selecting an Event

Use arrows to select an event

to trigger the scene

New Event Rules Screen

Selecting a Scene

Use arrows to select a scene

that the event triggers

Event Rules Screen Showing New Rule

New rule