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Basic Operation

Binary Switches

Binary switch modules can be turned ON or
OFF. They cannot be set to in-between levels as
multi-level (dimmer) switch modules can.

To control a binary switch module, use the
following steps:

1. From the Home Screen press the HOME

SERVICES button.

2. From the Manage Z-Wave Devices Screen, press

the SWITCHES button.

3. A list of all installed switches will be displayed.

If there are more than three switches, use the


↓ arrows to scroll the list. On the right side of

the switch button, binary switches will display
the current status of the switch (OFF or ON).

NOTE: If the light or load is controlled at the

module while the Control Panel is showing
this display, press the REFRESH button to
update the display.

4. Press the display where the device is listed to

display the control buttons for the switch.

5. A check box indicates if the switch is OFF or ON.

Press the desired action for the switch (OFF or
ON). The lamp or load connected to the selected
binary switch module will follow your command.

6. Press the BACK button three times or the

button on the Control Panel to exit Home


Manage Z-Wave Devices Screen




Installed Switches Shown

Press device


Binary Switch Settings Display

Check box for

On or Off