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Home Services Access

Home Services Button

Home Services are accessed through the
system’s Home Screen. The Home Screen
shows the system status with icons to indicate
system conditions. It also displays the time
and date. The Home Screen displays the
The Home Screen is normally displayed when
the system is disarmed. If it is not currently
being displayed, pressing the

button on the

Control Panel will display the Home Screen.

Device Management

Setup and control of Z-Wave devices is accessed
by pressing the HOME SERVICES button and
using the Manage Z-Wave Devices Screen.

This screen displays buttons for Switches,
Thermostats, Rules, Scenes, and access to
the Z-Wave toolbox (Some Home Services
buttons may or may not display depending
on options selected by your Installer)

• The SWITCHES button will display

the currently included binary
and multi-level switches.

• The THERMOSTATS button will display

the currently included thermostat devices.

• The RULES button (if enabled) will

display the currently programmed
Rules that run Scenes after events.

• The SCENES button will display

currently programmed Scenes
that run device actions.

• The TOOLBOX button allows access to

the Z-Wave toolbox for setup of devices
(requires entry of the Master User Code).


Z-Wave setup is performed using the Toolbox.
Access the Toolbox using the following steps.

1. From the Manage Z-Wave Devices Screen, press

the TOOLBOX button.

2. Enter the Master User Code. Only the Master

User Code (or the Installer Code) can be used to
access the Z-Wave Toolbox.

NOTE: Some Z-Wave display screens will

time-out after 30 seconds of inactivity and
the system will return to the Home Screen.

Manage Z-Wave Devices Screen

Z-Wave Toolbox Screen

Master Code Entry Screen

The Home Screen

Home Services