The go!control security system – 2GIG Z-Wave User Manual

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Congratulations on your ownership of an Go!Control Security System!
This wireless system offers protection for your property against burglary,
protection for yourself and family with 24-hour emergency monitoring, and
optionally fi re and carbon monoxide detection for your home.

With the system’s built-in Z-Wave


home automation capability, you can

control your Z-Wave


enabled household lights and appliances from the

Control Panel or from a portable Z-Wave remote controller.

An exciting feature of the Go!Control Security System is the capability to
remotely control your Z-Wave


network of devices from your own computer

using a Web browser over the Internet. This provides you with home
automation control from anywhere in the world... even through your Web
enabled cell phone or PDA! (Web remote control is an optional feature, check
with your security professional for availability with your system.)

The Go!Control Security System