IKA C 200 User Manual

Page 11

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If you use a thermostat to fill the tank, you can
also hang the drain hose in the thermostat. Check
that the thermostat is below the calorimeter. If
the thermostat is self-priming in the return line,
you can also install the thermostat beside the ca-

Connecting the water drain

Insert the emptying hose (included in package
contents) into plug-in coupling . Place this in
the mould so that it is sloping. This must always
be connected for operation.

If the inner vessel ever requires emergency drai-
nage, insert the emptying hose into plugin cou-
pling . To empty the tank container, insert the
emptying hose into plug-in coupling  (see ser-
vice menu section 7.2).

Inner vessel

emergency drain

Tank drain

Inner vessel drain


Opening the calorimeter cover:
The calorimeter cover is opened by hand by lifting the cover by the gripping groove and raising it until
it automatically swivels to the right and locks in position.


Swivel to right