IKA C 200 User Manual

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• For the purposes of these operating instructions

a technical expert is someone

1. who guarantees to conduct the tests properly

on the basis of his training, knowledge and ex-
perience gained through practical work,

2. who is sufficiently reliable,

3. who is not subject to any instructions in terms

of the test activity,

4. who has suitable test equipment if necessary,

5. who can provide appropriate proof of the re-

quirements listed in 1.

• National directives and laws must be observed

for operating pressure vessels!

• Anyone operating a pressure vessel must keep it

in a proper condition, operate it properly, super-
vise it, carry out the necessary maintenance and
repair work immediately and implement the
safety measures required in the circumstances.

• Pressure vessels must not be used if they have

defects which could pose a risk to staff or third
parties. The pressure equipment directive can
be obtained from Carl Heymanns or Beuth pu-

• The C 248 oxygen station must be set up at least

1.5 m far away from the calorimeter.

For protection of the equipment

• The voltage stated on the type plate must cor-

respond to the mains voltage.

• Removable parts must be refitted to the appli-

ance to prevent the infiltration of foreign ob-
jects, liquids etc.

• Protect the appliance and accessories from

bumps and impacts.

with test pressure of 330 bar and a leaka-

ge test with oxygen at 30 bar.

• Decomposition vessels are experiment autocla-

ves and must be tested by a technical expert
after each use.

Individual use is understood here to include a

series of experiments performed under roughly
the same conditions in terms of pressure and
temperature. Experiment autoclaves must be
operated in special chambers (C 2000, C 5000,
C 7000, C 200).

• The decomposition vessels must undergo re-

peated tests (internal tests and pressure tests)
performed by the technical expert. The fre-

quency of these tests is to be determined by
the operator on the basis of experience, type
of operation and the material used in the de-
composition vessel.

The declaration of conformity becomes

invalid if mechanical modifications are

carried out to the experiment autoclaves

or if tightness can no longer be guaran-

teed as a result of major corrosion (e.g.

pitting by halogens).

• The threads on the body of the decomposition

vessel and the union nut are subject to conside-
rable stress in particular and must therefore be
checked regularly for wear.

• The condition and function of the seals must

be checked and ensured by way of a leakage

test (see operating instructions for decompo-

sition vessel!).

• Only technical experts may perform pressure

tests and service work on the decomposition

We recommend that you send the decom-

position vessel to our factory for inspec-

tion, and if necessary, repair after 1000

tests or after one year or sooner depen-

ding on use.