IKA C 200 User Manual

Page 13

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Menu header:

shows the name of the submenu and the cur-
rently selected menu line of the total number of
menu lines (for example, 2/5: you are in the se-
cond of fi ve lines).

There are three different menu lines ,  and :

Submenu line:

“. . .“ this line indicates that a submenu is called
up with OK (F1). “. . . :“ indicates that it is a

selection menu.
If you press OK (F1) on a selection line  in this

selection menu, this selection will be confi rmed
and you will exit the menu. The current selection
is marked with ” = ” and is displayed after the ”:”
in the submenu line.

Command line:

this line allows you to directly enter numerical va-
lues using the keyboard. If you press OK (F1),

the menu settings will be saved and you will exit
the menu.

4.5 Confi guring the system

In order to ensure that the appliance works

properly, you must set some parameters the

fi rst time you use it.

Select language


UP/DOWN (F2) to "Language"

OK (F1)

UP/DOWN (F2) select desired language

(default: English)

OK (F1)


The set language will appear in the "Language"
submenu line.

Set date


UP/DOWN (F2) to "General"

OK (F1)

UP/DOWN (F2) to "Date"

Enter the date in the format dd.mm.yyyy

(e.g: 06.12.2005)

OK (F1)


Set time


UP/DOWN (F2) to "General"

OK (F1)

UP/DOWN (F2) to "Time"

Enter the time in the format hh:mm:ss

(e.g: 14:29:56)

OK (F1)



In order to calibrate the appliance you must state
the exact calorifi c value of the calibration subs-
tance used (usually benzoic acid).