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Spare parts order
When ordering spare parts, please give:
- Machine type
- Manufacturing number, see type plate
- Item and designation of the spare part, see

www.ika.com, spare parts diagram and spare

parts list.

- In case of repair the device has to be cleaned

and free from any materials which may consti-
tute a health hazard.

- If you require servicing, return the appliance

in its original packaging. Storage packaging is
not suffi cient. Please also use suitable transport

9.2 Consumables

C 710.4

Cotton thread, cut to length

(500 pieces)

C 5010.3

Ignition wire, replacement

(5 pieces)

C 5003.1

Aqua-Pro bath stabiliser

(30 ml)

C 4

Quartz dish

C 5

VA combustion crucible set

(25 pieces)

C 6

Quartz dish, large

C 710.2

VA combustion crucible set, large

(25 pieces)

C 9

Gelatine capsules

(100 pieces)

C 10

Acetobutyrate capsules

(100 pieces)

C 12

Combustion bag, 40 x 35 mm

(100 pieces)

C 12A

Combustion bag, 70 x 40 mm

(100 pieces)

C 43

Benzoic acid

(NBS 39i, 30 g)

C 43A

Benzoic acid

(100 g)

C 723

Benzoic acid blister pack

(50 pieces)

C 14

Combustible crucible

(100 pieces)

C 15

Paraffi n strips

(600 pieces)

- Do not place electrical appliances into the

cleaning agents for cleaning purposes.

- Stainless steel parts can be cleaned using stan-

dard stainless steel cleaning agents, but do not
use abrasives.

- We recommend that you wear protective gloves

for cleaning.

- The operator is responsible for ensuring approp-

riate decontamination in the event that dange-
rous material is spilt onto or into the appliance.

- Before using a cleaning or decontamination

method other than that recommended by the
manufacturer, check with the manufacturer that
the intended method will not destroy the appli-

9.1 Accessories

C 5010

Decomposition vessel,

C 5010.4

Support for combustible

C 5010.5

Support for large crucible

C 5030

Venting station

C 5040



, calorimeter software

C 248

Oxygen station

C 21

Pelleting press

C 29

Reducing valve

C 200.1

Measuring cup

A 11 basic

Analytical mill



- Accessories and consumables