Web configuration interface 3.4, Ethernet configuration, Caution – 2N VoiceBlue Next v3.0 User Manual

Page 63: Login configuration, Web configuration

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Web Configuration Interface



GSM number (CLIP) – enter the user SIM card CLIP.

Follow me function – enable/disable call forwarding to a mobile user station
(based on CLIP).

SMS at no answer function – enable/disable sending of information SMS on
missed calls.


You are recommended to read the Mobility Extension section on page 39
carefully before using the Mobility Extension function.

Ethernet configuration

This window helps you configure the Ethernet interface of your gateway.

Use DHCP – enable/disable the DHCP client function in 2N


VoiceBlue Next.

IP address – the fixed IP address (v4) of the 2N


VoiceBlue Next Ethernet


Subnet mask – the subnet mask for the 2N


VoiceBlue Next Ethernet


Default gateway – The IP gateway IP address (v4) in the Ethernet network.


Incorrect settings, e.g. enabling the DHCP client service, may result in a
denial of access to the 2N


VoiceBlue Next configuration. To avoid this,

restore the GSM gateway default settings. Refer to Subs. 3.1, p. 36 for


In case the gateway is in the DHCP client mode, current assignments
obtained from the DHCP server are displayed in the IP address, Subnet
and Default gateway items.

Login configuration

The window helps you set the access password and name for the 2N



Next web interface. Use the same data for Telnet connection too.


Remember to change the username and password during the first
gateway configuration to avoid unauthorised access!

Web configuration

Set additional parameters for the gateway web interface.

Auto logout – set the count of minutes in which the current user should be
logged out automatically.