Two Brothers Racing Honda XR50R User Manual

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Mfg: Honda Make: XR50R
Year: All
Product: Heavy Duty Rear Shock Spring

(stock XR50 shock) Part # 010-6-31

We recommend that this performance exhaust system

be installed by a qualified motorcycle technician. If you
have any doubts as to your ability to install this exhaust
system, please consult with your local motorcycle deal-
er. Read all instructions first before starting installation.
Make sure the motorcycle and exhaust system are com-
pletely cool before starting the installation. Also, make
sure the bike is secure on the sidestand or ideally a rear
service stand during installation. Be sure to save all
stock exhaust components for possible use later.

1. Make sure the bike is completely cool before starting the

installation. Make sure the bike is secure on the side-
stand or ideally a rear service stand.

2. Remove shock from bike.

3. Slide rubber bumper down to bottom of shaft.

4. Loosen nut with 14mm wrench - will only turn approxi-

mately ¼ of a turn.

5. Hold the nut secure with the 14mm wrench, slide large

screwdriver thru top eyelet and unscrew top eyelet off

6. Remove stock spring.


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Installation Instructions


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